What A Whirlwind!

Well well well. What a whirl wind the last couple of months have been, but I am in Seattle and I couldn't be happier it all worked out this way.

Seattle Storm Abby BishopSo a little recap of the past 6-10 months for you all.

I mutually parted ways with my European club, Sopron, due to a hamstring injury which was going to limit me for remainder of the season. Somehow, it all worked out in my favour and there was a spot in Canberra, and they were willing to manage me through my injury. So, I played with the Canberra capitals last season, but it was a season to forget. To say the least. We finished last on the ladder and won ummmmm, 1 or 2 games. I should know but I have tried to take the lessons from the season and not look back and dwell on it.

My hamstring injury hung around for most of the season. I was managed well, I didn't practice all the time and I played limited minutes at the beginning of the season and also a little at the end. I went and had another MRI scan after the season, and it showed that it hadn't got any better from the previous MRI that I had in Seattle last year. So the doctors discussed some scenarios and decided to give me some medication through a drip in my arm, that would go through my bloodstream and get to the bad points in my hamstring. That was all fine, I had the medication, it had some side affects but I was told about these before I had the medication. But my arm began to get sore, the same arm that the drip went into. It got sorer as the week went on, I couldn't move it and I noticed it was really swollen, as well as tender. After a trip to the doctors, they sent me off for scans, as they suspected I had some blood clots.

Long story short, I did have blood clots. They weren't that serious to begin with but after a re scan 5 days later, they had moved up my arm, and into some other veins. There were 24cm of blood clots up my arm. I began medication to thin the blood to get rid of the clots, but this meant I wasn't allowed to do any contact training at all. Initially, it was for 3 months but after getting a couple of opinions, and more scans and all that jazz, the doctors agreed that 6 weeks on the mediation was enough. This was such a relief for me. It was looking like I was going to be missing out on the WNBA season because I was going to miss so many games being on this medication, so after all the bad news I had over the past couple of months it was so nice to finally have some good news.

After being cleared I was on a plane 3 days later and here I am now in Seattle. So the past 3 weeks have flown by.

Training camp went well, we had people coming in late, some new faces in camp, some long days and a couple of good pre season hit outs Phoenix. It felt like it was a successful camp. People got better, the team was improving together everyday, which is what you want to see.

We started the season yesterday, in LA. It wasn't the best game for us, but it was a starting point. It's a long season, a couple of new faces have joined our team, so for us it's about learning to play together but we all know we have a lot to work on and we just have to improve each game.

Today is an off day, and tomorrow we go back to work. We play Phoenix and Minnesota next so it doesn't get any easier, we just have to keep pushing and improving. Everyone has their individual things they need to work on, plus we all know as a team what we need to improve on too.

Let me know if you have any questions or what anything covered in my next update. I'm happy to aanswer any questions and cover any topics you would like to hear about.

Hope you're all well.

A&Z xox

PS - Check out the photo gallery for some of my latest photos!

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